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Partex NV supports large biopharma company in AI-Driven Indication Expansion

Frankfurt, Germany, July 03, 2024 – Partex NV, a leading innovator in artificial intelligence and biotechnology, is pleased to announce a new pilot project with a large biopharma company. This pilot project aims to leverage Partex’s advanced AI capabilities for indication expansion of one of the company’s deprioritised products.

Partex will utilize its state-of-the-art AI-driven platform in its Asset Exchange business line to explore new therapeutic indications for a selected product. This comprehensive approach includes not only the search for biological evidence but also an in-depth analysis of clinical feasibility, competitive landscape, and overall market potential. By integrating these diverse factors, Partex aims to identify promising new indications that could enhance the therapeutic reach and commercial success of that product.

Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj, CEO of Partex NV, commented:

“We are excited to conduct this project to harness the power of AI for expanding the indications of their innovative product. Our unique approach ensures that we do not just rely on biological evidence, but also rigorously evaluate clinical feasibility, competitive dynamics, IP considerations, and market opportunities. This project underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve in healthcare and bringing transformative therapies to patients.”

This pilot represents a significant step forward in the application of artificial intelligence in drug development, with the potential to unlock new therapeutic avenues and improve patient outcomes. Partex’s AI-driven indication expansion platform offers a cutting-edge solution that could significantly accelerate the process of identifying and validating new indications, ultimately driving greater value for both companies and patients alike.

For more information about Partex NV and their innovative solutions for the life sciences industry, please visit Partex NV Website.

Media Contact:
Nidhi Duhan
Business Operations Manager

About Partex NV

Partex NV is a prominent company that operates in the field of drug discovery and development, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and real-world data (RWD) to enhance its capabilities. It positions itself as the largest AI-powered Drug Assets Manager and focuses on integrating data from various sources, including public and proprietary data, for drug development.

Partex covers all key steps in the drug discovery and drug development value chain. Within the Partex ecosystem, patients keep ownership of their data and they are rewarded for participating in research projects. Partex’s proprietary AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning) algorithms enable key industry players to develop life-saving drugs while also developing their own drug assets.

With a global presence that extends from Asia-Pacific to the Americas, with offices currently in India, Germany, Switzerland and the USA, Partex’s vision is to transform the Life Science Industry by solving the inefficiency problem in drug discovery & development using Big Data & Artificial Intelligence.

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